Mailing Information

Direct Mail

Our signature product is Coupon Express(sm), which is mailed to 168,000 homes in the local area every month. There are 7 different mailing areas to choose from, making it possible for small businesses to target areas and demographics where they are likely to gain customers, while also allowing larger businesses to mail to the entire marketing area. Because each business is sharing the cost of the mailing, businesses can have a coupon professionally designed, printed and mailed for as little as 2.7 cents per home.

Online Coupons

As a complimentary service to all businesses that mail with us in any given month, we will place their coupons on our website. Even if a business only mails one mailing area, they will benefit from the Internet exposure citywide. Anyone who can access the Internet can see and print coupons. If a business prefers that we not place their coupon on our site, we won’t! And in some cases, we can place a different coupon on the site than what was actually mailed in our envelope for that month (i.e. a different offer, etc.).

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