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Our Mapping Methodology is Different

Pete Explains How And Why

MCM Coupon Express

Direct Mail

Mailed to 140,000 consumer households every month!

Our Mapping Methodology is Different

Pete Explains How And Why

Our signature product is Coupon Express, a shared direct mail program. A shared, or marriage, mail program combines multiple business’ advertisements in one package, or as in Coupon Express’ case, a book format. This allows the costs of a direct mail advertisement to be “shared” between all advertisers included in the package (or book), rather than one advertiser shouldering the entire expense of a solo (or single) direct mail piece. Solo direct mail pieces can cost upwards of 60 cents or more per home; however, with a shared direct mail program, like Coupon Express, businesses can have a coupon professionally designed, printed and mailed as low as 2 cents per home.

2022 Mailing Areas

Coupon Express is mailed to 140,000 consumer households in the local area every month. There are six different mailing areas to chose from, broken down into 20,000 or 25,000 homes per area. Businesses may choose to mail one mailing area or any combination up to the seven areas available. This makes it possible for small businesses to target areas and demographics where they are most likely to gain customers, while also allowing larger businesses to mail to the entire marketing area.

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2022 Calendar

Our calendar is another representation of our schedule, but in an easier to read format. In homes dates are highlighted in yellow. While the official in home date is the highlighted Thursday, some books can start hitting homes as early as the Tuesday of that week. This is due to the post office’s distribution schedule. The Monday of deadline week is highlighted in green. This is the week all ads need to be approved and submitted in order to comply with our printing schedule.

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2022 Schedule

Coupon Express is in homes each month, usually on the second Thursday of the month, with some exceptions. Our December mailing comes out earlier in the month to allow for the Christmas and New Years’ holidays. Although mail dates are approximate and based on production, trucking and postal delivery, Coupon Express has been delivered on time for over 36 years. To give adequate production time to our supplier, we typically deadline three weeks before the book is in homes.

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Client Supplied Artwork

Our in-house graphic artist can create most anything a client requests so your coupon not only accurately represents your business, but more importantly, works! However, we do also accept client supplied artwork. Please adhere to the following specs if you or your advertising/marketing agency will be submitting camera-ready artwork:

Printable size: 3” high by 8” wide

Some elements may “pop” out of space, but no full bleeds please; if providing artwork for inside covers or spreads, please contact our office for specs.

Preferred Receivable Format: high resolution pdf

Resolution: must be 300 dpi or more for all graphics/pictures

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