Strongly Recommended.

Coupon Express Works!

MCM Coupon Express

A Proven Program That Gets Results

Hundreds of happy Coupon Express clients say that our program is the best in town!

Strongly Recommended.

Coupon Express Works!

MCM Coupon Express has been serving the Huntsville, Madison, Athens and surrounding areas for over 39 years while building a reputation of excellence. Coupon Express does it bigger and better than any local direct mail coupon competitor. From superior graphic design and full-color printing, to mailing 120,000 consumer households in 20,000 home mailing areas, each mailed “on time” monthly, Coupon Express’ program accommodates any size business.

Our Philosophy

Coupon Express prides itself on effective advertising for just pennies per home. We combine our unique program with unheard of customer service, and go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction. Our professional staff works closely with each advertiser, developing the right concept and layout for that business to ensure maximum results the first time out. Your business can benefit from both new and past customers who will receive your coupon in their mailbox for free. People recognize our name and use our coupons every day.

Our Program Works

So, the real question you’re probably asking: does Coupon Express work? “It’s the only thing we have used that actually works” is a comment the MCM staff hears often from many businesses that use our services. We believe your business will be no exception. Just check out our testimonials and see for yourself if you think direct mail at just a few pennies a home is worthwhile for your business.

Targeted Market Coverage When and Where You Need It

We mail 120,000 consumer households monthly, 12 times per year. You can target your marketing in Huntsville, Madison and Athens, with six mailing sections and 12 in-home mailing dates to choose from.

Coupon Book

On the outside of our book, we feature four clients on the address side of our book, which increases the readership rate to over 93%.


Unlike big bulky pieces, the Coupon Express book is easily handled and boxed, ensuring greater delivery. The coupon book provides an ease of reading that other coupon competitors cannot match.

Our Service is Professional

We have mailed the correct number of pieces on time for more than 39 years. We provide a proof of mailing to each customer with Postal Form 8125, signed and stamped by a U.S. Postal Service representative. We have a local office and support staff to service your needs.

Method of Distribution

Coupon Express is mailed free to almost everyone in town. The U.S. Post Office insures reliable delivery of your advertising message or coupon.

The Most Recognized and Used Program in Town

After mailing to homes in North Alabama for over 39 years, our program is the most recognized, opened and used of its kind.

People Love Our Coupons

We have an excellent variety of coupons from top local businesses with strong offers. Your coupon will be seen and read even if it’s your first time in our program.

Professional Graphic Design...

The MCM graphic design and direct mail marketing team is the best in town! We will professionally design your coupon so that it not only looks great, but better yet, so it works!

Proven Offers and Layouts

MCM is affiliated with a network of direct mail marketing dealers nationwide to share layout and offer ideas. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Full Color Standard

All of our pieces are full color. We don’t charge extra for this. This makes our entire book look good, which increases interest and readership.

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