Digital Ads with Digital Express

TARGET your customers based on demographics, interests, buying behavior, geography and more WITH 

the right message

to the right person

at the right time

REACH your customers on their phones, tablets, laptops or internet connects tvs WHEN 

they’re checking the weather

they’re reading about their favorite sports team

they’re playing a game

they’re streaming their favorite show

hyper-local programmatic digital display ad campaigns:

programmatic display ads

  • Audience Curation – Reach your customers based on the zip codes in which they live.

  • Geo Fencing – Geo fence your competitors and other places your customers frequent.

  • Website Retargeting – Capture and retarget your customers once they have visited your website.

  • Keyword Retargeting – Reach your customers based on the keywords they’ve searched for and sites they’ve visited.

  • Event Targeting – Serve ads to attendees during and after an event.

  • Addressable Targeting – Household-level digital device targeting to our Coupon Express mailing lists. Exclusive to MCM clients!

video advertising

Serve video ads online and on streaming tv devices

*Clients must provide produced videos.

additional digital ad campaigns & more:


Reach your customers when they are on Facebook and Instagram.

website design +

Build, redesign and host your website

Targeted e-blasts

Reach your customers where they are most engaged and focused (checking email) and drive traffic to your website.


Ask about Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Listings Management and more!

Direct Mail Drives Digital

Why you should use BOTH in your marketing

Direct Mail PROMPTS Online Research

Direct mail DRIVES consumers to online research!

  • Direct mail encourages a call to action that triggers online research
  • When consumers receive a direct mail piece, nearly 80% will act on the printed piece and 44% will visit the brand’s website immediately.


Direct mail DRIVES consumers to notice you online!

  • Consumers trust direct mail more than any other types of advertising, which increases brand trust.
  • With increased credibility in print, online brand awareness and trust also increases.


Direct mail DRIVES consumers to online shopping!

  • Direct mail influenced 62% of consumers to make a purchase within 3 months of receiving the printed piece.
  • When reached through direct mail, 25% of consumers spent more on their purchase for that brand’s product or service.


Direct mail DRIVES your ad dollars more effectively!

  • When direct mail is paired with digital advertising, ad spend can more effectively increase ROI.
  • Combining direct mail and digital advertising produces as much as a 45% increase in response rate.
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